Course Maps

3 hrs

Organizers: Robyn Rennie (Event Director), Bruce Rennie (Event Director), Graeme Rennie (Course Planner)

Map: Capilano University




It's become a classic - the Lynn Valley Long Distance event! Come navigate the beautiful maze that is the Seymour - Lower Lynn Valley area.

This event will be followed by the OABC AGM. Grab a slice of pizza and join us. Find out why you should care AND SIGN UP FOR PIZZA on the event page!

This year we have a new map encompassing the regular Lower Lynn area along with the new MacCartney Creek map so an east/west event rather than the north/south of previous years. However that doesn't mean there are any less hills or river crossings. So if you are up for the challenge join us for a 3 hour score event. See how many controls you can collect and how many points you can score.

There are two options - mass start at 10:00 for the 3 hr event or for people who want to go out for the shorter time but might be having so much fun that they decide to do the full time. Or - mass start at 11:30 to finish by 1:00pm for a 1 1/2 hour run.

Registration:                      9:30am

Mass start for 3 hr:          10:00am

Mass start for 1 1/2 hr:    11:30am

Finish:                                1:00pm

Cost:                                $10.00 for Adult Members

                                         $15.00 for Adult Non-members (includes a membership fee)

Start and finish is at Jaycees House on Lilloet Road in North Vancouver - just off the Ironworkers bridge. It can also be reached by the Capilano University bus. Bring a change of clothes (VERY IMPORTANT) and stay for the short OABC AGM.


Safety Precautions:

Rivers can only be crossed on bridges. Trails are to be used as required

Roads can only be crossed at marked intersections and sidewalks are to be used at all times if available






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