Organizers: John Rance (Course Planner), Jeremy Gordon (Event Director), Hilary Anderson (Assistant)

Map: Silver Valley West

Results and Split Times


Thanks to everyone for coming out. It was a great event and the weather cooperated!


We're heading up the Valley to run on a fun map. It's worth the drive, we promise!

Please note that park rules prohibit smoking, dogs, and bikes anywhere in the area, including the start/finish area.  Please help us continue our good relationship with the park authority and adhere to these rules.

The Research Forest is typical west coast. Off trail, it is rugged with lots of fallen logs and thick moss. The open (white) forest is slower and more rugged than  interior forests.There are several areas of rock detail. There is a well established trail and road network. BE CAREFUL ON THE ROADS--LOOK OUT FOR TRUCKS.  Be aware that some areas have been thinned or brushed since the map was created in 2004 and are not shown. The vegetation is generally accurate but be alert to recent changes.

Aggressive trail shoes or spikes and full body cover recommended. Please bring a whistle or buy one for $1.

There are pit toilets near the start. 

There is an out of bounds private area marked on the map with vertical purple lines. There is also  a dangerous creek crossing marked on the map with purple hashmarks. Avoid these areas!

Allow about 45 minutes from Grandview and Boundary in Vancouver. Construction has made finding the right road a bit tricky. Look for Hwy 7B (Mary Hill By-Pass) to get to the Pitt River bridge.

Sign up by 3pm Saturday 





Course Maps

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