Organizer: Jeremy Gordon (Host)

The GVOC 2012 AGM will be held on October 14th at 1:30PM, immediately following the close of the Lynn Valley Adventure Run 3-hour course. It will last no longer than 30 minutes.

It will be held in the "Jaycees House" community hall that is the start/finish for the Adventure Run event. Pizza will be provided - so we know how much to get, please "register" for the AGM here (this is optional but appreciated).

If you're running in the event, remember to bring a change of clothes so you can be warm and dry (just in case). We'll be providing some Orienteering games and videos to watch while you're waiting for the AGM to start, so please do stay (even if you're in the 1.5 hour course).


The GVOC "Executive" is the core group that meets quarterly to make decisions and take actions for GVOC. If anyone is interested in join the Executive group, please let me know (but note, you don't need to be on the Exec to contribute to the running of GVOC!)

Current members are:

  • President: Jeremy Gordon
  • Vice-President: vacant
  • Treasurer: Paro Ray Smith
  • Secretary: Meghan Rance
  • Members-at-large
    • Thomas Nipen (web)
    • Magnus Johansson (mapping)
    • Andrea Balakova (WJR coordinator)
    • John Rance (OABC liaison)
    • Karen Lachance (membership)
    • Mike Rascher (WET coordinator)
    • Rachel Fouladi
    • Alison Price (promotion and outreach)
    • Marg Ellis (Long-term athletes development)
    • Louise Oram
    • Alex Kerr (Orienteering Canada liaison)

My thanks to all of these people for their work over the last year. All have agreed to stand for election again.

Jeremy Gordon

GVOC President


Course Maps

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