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Organizer: Scott Muma (Event Director)

Map: Deer Lake North

Almost 40 people navigated to the finish on a lovely evening to be in the park. Thanks to all for coming out, and thanks to the rain for staying away!

Come and enjoy orienteering at Deer Lake Park. There are 2 loops to run in series for the longer course, or one loop if you want to keep it short.

There is a lot of temporary fencing up in the park either for construction or movie sets, but since it should be light only the fences that will change routes are marked, though some may have been missed.

If you have the day off you can visit Burnaby Village Museum (free admission, but closes at 4:30PM), go for a paddle on the lake, or have a picnic.

Meet at 6:30PM at the sheltered area on the southeast side of the Shadbolt Centre. Parking should be available in the lot north of the Shadbolt Centre off Deer Lake Ave.



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