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Organizer: Hilary Anderson (Event Director)

Map: Iona Beach

This week’s WET will be at IONA BEACH. Meet at the main parking lot. There is some cover between the washrooms if it rains.

This week’s technique topic is: COMPASS SKILLS. At 6:30 pm join Meghan Rance for a short workshop on how best to use the compass to orient the map correctly, to choose your direction to the next control, and to navigate across featureless terrain. Then put the skills to use in either the LONG course (3.5 km) or the SHORT course (2.0 km). Both courses have lots of short legs with changes of direction to practice compass skills. The long course has some trickier controls and route choices.

NOTE: The club will have compasses for you to borrow if you do not have your own.

Or, start your course (individual starts) at or after 6:30 pm if you do not need to attend the workshop. Course closes at 8:00 pm i.e. be back by 8:00 pm.

Please register for your selected course by Tuesday evening so we know how many of each map to print.



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