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Organizers: Mike Rascher (Course Planner), Holly Hendrigan (Host), Terrence Rascher (Organizer)

Map: Oak Park

Using one of our smaller maps with SI timing - rent a stick or bring your own. Unfortunately the most interesting corner of the map - Langara Gardens - is semi-private and will not have any controls placed in it.

The course will be a memory-O with a central control and several overlapping loops that have to be run without the map. Each loop will have up to five controls. There may be controls near each other but they will be on different features.

The easy alternative will be a memory score-O where you can punch any flag you can find in any order.

It should be fun and a way to make a tiny map interesting.

Meet under the awning on the north side of the Ideal Mini School (59th Ave and Laurel St).



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