(includes GVOC September "Why Just Run" series event)
Event Director: Jeremy Gordon (gvoc.bcoc2012@gmail.com)


Update Date
All course maps posted Sept 29
Items found: email gvoc.bcoc2012@gmail.com to claim
  • pair mens pinkish "Speedo" shorts (complete with red underwear...)
  • small dark-blue "Banana Republic" T-shirt
  • orienteering Valpro glasses (Green frames) with magnify lens
Sept 29
Photos by Adrian Z Sept 24
Middle Splits Sept 23
Middle by Course Sept 23
Middle Open Sport Sept 23
Sprint Splits Sept 23
Sprint by Course Sept 23
Long Splits Sept 22
Long by Course Sept 22
Long Open Sport Sept 22
Start Lists posted Sept 19
Event Guide now available Sept 17
Whistler Blackcomb promotion details Sept 17
Organiser and volunteers acknowledged - see bottom of webpage Sept 15
Pre-assigned start times for all races (will be posted to website shortly). Start punch will be used Sept 15
Long and Middle races now CANADA-CUP sanctioned also Sept 4
Long start time now 12 noon (was 11am) on Sat. Sept 22 Aug 27

Join us for two days of wonderful Orienteering in spectacular Whistler, BC.

What's your favourite event: Lost Lake, with its open forest and intricate trail network? Or perhaps you prefer the urban jungle of Whistler Village, with its narrow alleyways between buildings and garden parks around the Olympic Cauldron? Or do you dream of running on top of the world at Whistler Mountain?

Note: Long, Sprint and Middle are all sanctioned Canada-Cup events.

Event Guide

Start Lists


Date Time Event Location
Sat, Sept 22 12 noon (note: time changed from 11am) Long (sanctioned Canada Cup event) Lost Lake
  5pm Banquet Old Spaghetti Factory, Whistler
Sun, Sept 23 8am Sprint (sanctioned Canada Cup event) Whistler Village
  2pm Middle (sanctioned Canada Cup event) Whistler Mountain top (conditions permitting)


Confirmation List

Registration is now closed. On-the-day registration for Open classes only can be done for any race at the Registration table at the Long or Sprint events area. All races are at full cost. Banquet tickets are no longer available. Middle event competitors must buy their own gondola ticket at full cost.

Registration inquiries: email Jeremy Gordon at gvoc.bcoc2012@gmail.com

Withdrawal Penalties: Until 11:59pm September 1st, full refund less $30 administration fee; until 11:59pm September 15th, 50% refund (minimum $30 withheld); September 16th onward, no refund

Event Location Adult (19+) Junior (under 19) Notes
Long Lost Lake $25.00 $15.00
Sprint Whistler Village $20.00 $10.00  
Middle Whistler Mountain $30.00 $20.00 includes a PEAK-to-PEAK gondola ticket valued at $50 adult/$25 child!
Banquet Old Spaghetti Factory $22.00 $10.00 Set group menu "B - Bella Pasta Package"
SI stick rental   $2/day $2/day  
Compass rental   $2/day $2/day

General Event Information


  • Age class
    • age as of December 31st 2012
  • Open Beginner
    • point-to-point short course, visiting check-points in a specified order
    • easy navigation, length 1.5 - 2 km (30'), suitable for newcomers, individuals, pairs, and families
  • Open Sport
    • "scatter" format course, visiting as many check-points as you like in 45' (you choose the order and difficulty of the check-points you visit)
    • a mixture of easier and more difficult navigation, suitable for older newcomers (individuals and pairs)
  • Open Advanced
    • point-to-point course
    • advanced technical difficulty, moderate length, suitable for experienced orienteers.


Group seating has been booked at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Whistler Village.

4154 Village Green, Crystal Lodge
Phone: (604) 938-1081
Website: http://www.osf.ca/locations/british-columbia/whistler/

There is a single group menu available: B - Bella Pasta Package

Coffee, tea and soft-drinks included - all other drinks must be paid for individually.

Payment required in advance so numbers can be confirmed. Banquet Tickets will be in event envelopes, available at the Registration table at the event. Any refunds will be minus a $10 admin fee.


Whistler Blackcomb Mountain

"For the BC Orienteering Championship participants, Whistler Blackcomb will offer the following discounts on pre-booked mountain products:

Discounted PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola Sightsee tickets; You must call in advance to book tickets. 1. Call 1-800-766-0449. Our Reservation Centre is open from 9:00 am –5:00 pm PST. 2. When pre-booking please ensure that you tell the Reservation Host FIRST that you are a BC Orienteering Championship participant. 3. Book your PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola Sightsee tickets or Bike Park products. 4. Provide your valid credit card details for immediate processing required. (We accept Visa, Master Card and American Express) 5. Record the Customer Booking Number given by your Whistler Blackcomb Reservation agent.

Adult Youth/Senior Child

1 Day $30.95 $25.95 $14.95

2 Day $40.95 $35.95 $23.95

Pass $69.95 $59.95 $39.95

Cross Country Connection

"Connection Cafe in the PassivHaus, located at the base of Lost Lake trails. We are excited about your upcoming race. If possible, please send out a group email to all the participants to let them know what is available for them at our cafe.

We are pleased to offer local and organic products. We sell a variety of beverages including fresh fruit smoothies and in store made gluten free energy bars. We have grilled paninis and wraps as well as in shop made salsa and hummus for snack plates. Our food is nitrate and preservative free and very reasonably priced. Come try our home made cookies - they are only one dollar and a perfect accompaniment to our locally roasted espresso coffee!

For more information check out our web site: http://www.crosscountryconnection.ca/cafe/

If you have some energy after the race, perhaps you would like to rent a bike and explore beautiful Whistler! "

Accommodation suggestions

(many other accommodation options are available)

Tantalus Resort Lodge I

4200 Whistler Way

  • Two bedroom apartments (with kitchen)
    • Sept 19th - $120
    • Sept 20th - $120
    • Sept 21st - $145
    • Sept 22nd - $145
    • Sept 23rd - $120
    • Sept 24th - $120
  • Code for booking these rates: PC2012

Riverside RV Resort & Campground

  • 10% discount on posted rates (arranged by Katie Copland)
  • 1.4km from Whistler Village, on the Whistler Valley hiking trail, at the edge of the Lost Lake map.
  • Full services, including small store, restaurant, showers, running water, laundry, playground.
  • RV sites, log cabins, walk-in tent sites beside Fitzsimmons Creek.
  • Some group tent sites for 6 - 7 tents, suitable for clubs.
  • www.whistlercamping.com

Cal-Cheak Recreation Site

  • approximately 20 minutes south of Whistler Village, at the north edge of the Brandywine map.
  • basic forest camping in old growth forest by fast moving river
  • Outhouses, no running water
  • Approximate cost: $10/vehicle/night
  • Site operator: the Revnilles. Phone: 1 604 894 6423

Organisers and Volunteers

A huge thank you to all the volunteers working on 2012 BCOC

Event Teams Lead Crew Time Needed Location Equipment
Long Course Planner Mike Rascher        
  Controller Brian Ellis        
  Start Robyn Rennie Jackie Bonn, Gar Fisher, Bruce Rennie Sat 11am Passiv Haus  
  Finish Andrea Balakova Gilles Delmee, Catherine Hoofd, Thomas Nipen (standby)      
  Registration (pre-registered) Scott Muma Hilary Anderson, Jeremy      
  Registration (on-the day) Alison Price Adrian Zissos, Charlotte McNaughton?      
  Refreshment Holly Hendrigan Marissa Woods     Drinks + snacks
Sprint Course Planner Meghan Rance        
  Controller John Rance        
  Start Karen Lachance Bob Mastico, John Rance, Rachel Sun 7am Cauldron in Celebration Plaza  
  Finish Andrea Gilles Delmee, Catherine Hoofd, Thomas Nipen (standby)      
  Registration (pre-registered) Scott Muma Hilary Anderson      
  Registration (on-the day) Alison Price Adrian Zissos, Charlotte McNaughton?      
Middle Course Planner Magnus Johansson Stan Woods      
  Controller Alex Kerr        
  Start Bruce Inglis George Pugh, Stan Woods, Gar Fisher Sun 1pm Roundhouse  
  Finish Andrea Gilles Delmee, Catherine Hoofd, Thomas Nipen (standby)      
  Registration (on-the day) Alison Price (on-the-day only)?        
  Refreshment Holly Marissa Woods     Drinks + minimal snacks
All races Event Committee Jeremy, Marg       Resolve initial competitor complaints
  Jury Alan Vyse, Leigh Bailey, Marion Owens       Resolve any escalated complaints


Course Maps

Long course 1

Long course 2

Long course 3

Long course 4

Long course 5

Long course 6

Long course 7

Sprint course 1

Sprint course 2

Sprint course 3

Sprint course 4

Sprint course 5

Middle course 1

Middle course 2

Middle course 3

Middle course 4

Middle course 5

Middle course 6

Middle course 7


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