Organizers: Rachel F (Event Director), Andrea Balakova (Controller), Sergio Fernández (Host)

Map: Simon Fraser University

Results Splits are now available.

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Race report blogs: HPP member Graeme Rennie shares his Sunday Morning Adventure

Thank you to all who came out and participated in Fall Back! SFU / Burnaby Mountain WJR. We hope you had an enjoyable time on the varied courses.

Thank you also goes out to the tremendous volunteers who made this large event run smoothly: Events such as these are only possible through the contributions of many people. Course Planner: Rachel F, Andrea Balakova; Mapper: GVOC, Meghan Rance, Andrea Balakova – most recent version November 2, 2012; Promotion: Alison Price, Rachel F, Sergio Fernandez, Rosalinde Nicholl; Permitting & Insurance: Rachel F (City of Burnaby, SFU) w/ Rosalinde Nicholl for SFU through SFU Outdoors Club; Vetters: Rachel F, Andrea Balakova, Sergio Ferndandez, Rosalinde Nicholl, Joanne Woods; Control Placements: Rachel F, Sergio Fernandez, Rosalinde Nicholl, Magnus Johansson; SI unit programming: Andrea Balakova, Rosalinde Nicholl; Map Printing/Bagging: Andrea Balakova, Rosalinde Nicholl, Rachel F, Chris Oram; Membership: Meghan Rance (GVOC), Rosalinde Nicholl (SFU Outdoors Club); Registration: Meghan Rance, Alison Price; Introduction to Novices: Hilary Anderson, Scott Muma , Margo MacTaggart; Setup: Rachel F, Joanne Woods, Stan Woods, Alison Price, Meghan Rance, Margo MacTaggart, Chris Oram, Michel Roberge, Marissa Woods, Roan MacMillian; Start Team: Joanne Woods, Stan Woods, Brian Ellis, Rachel F; Finish/Results: Meghan Rance; Control Pickup: Brian Ellis, Rosalinde Nicholl, Sergio Fernandez, Scott Muma, Hilary Anderson, Gilles Delmee/Catherine; Hoofd/Louise Oram, Jeremy Gordon; Food & Beverage: Robyn Rennie, Alison Price; Awards: Alison Price, Rachel F; Safety Chief: George Pugh; Cleanup: Rachel F, Meghan Rance, Alison Price, Sergio Fernandez , Margo MacTaggart, Chris Oram, Michel Roberge; Web Event Results Summary: Thomas Nipen; Web Event Map Uploads: Magnus Johansson

Event details:

Preface: Don't forget to change your clocks the night before this event -- "Fall back" takes effect November 4th, 2012!

Event Plan: GVOC is joining with SFU Outdoors Club to host a WJR orienteering event on a map that includes SFU and part of the City of Burnaby's Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area. A variety of courses/routes are planned that will be well suited to participants with a wide range of experience -- from novice to experienced orienteers. We have opened online signup for the varied levels of courses/routes we plan to offer. (Please sign-up online for your course in advance of the event so we can be sure to have enough maps.)

A brief introduction to orienteering will be provided to novice orienteers. This link provides a guide to some of the colours and symbols that you may see on an orienteering map

Control descriptions (small strips of paper with a list of the controls you will be going to, c.f., Control/clue descriptions ) will be provided for courses, so if you have a description holder you are encouraged to bring yours. This link provides a guide to the how symbols on the control description sheet correspond with symbols on an orienteering map. Safety pins can also be used to pin control description to your shirts if you do not have a plastic description holder.

The event will use electronic timing using SportIdent timing sticks (SI punch stick). If you own your own, please be sure you update your profile with your correct SI-stick number. If you do not own one, we have them for rent (2$) for the event. SI-sticks can also be purchased through various outlets, e.g. online from . If you do not own your own compass or if you forget it, compasses are also available for rent for a similarly nominal fee.

As with all our events, small snacks and refreshments are provided. However there are also coffee houses/eating locations in the area for breakfast before or lunch after the event as well.

If you are interested in volunteering for this event please email the Meet Director (Rachel F) by clicking on the "Rachel F" link. Volunteering opportunities are available in many capacities from hanging controls, site set-up, assisting with on-site registration, intro to orienteering to novices, start, finish, timing, safety, picking up controls, and general cleanup.

Note: Thank you to the City of Burnaby and SFU (through SFUSS) for providing the necessary permitting to hold this GVOC/SFU Outdoor Club event. We look forward to seeing you on Burnaby Mountain!

Instructions to Participants:

What to Do: Before November 3rd --

1) Sign-up for your course before November 3rd, so we can have sufficient maps (if you are a first timer you will need to create a log-in id).

On November 4th --

2) Drive/Bus/Carpool to SFU.

3) Arrive at the meeting/assembly location (the location of the blue marker on the map below); the assembly area is "Town and Gown Square" (aka "Town Square") , just west of the Cornerstone Building, south of the new major bus loop.

4) Complete the registration procedures (payment, paper-work, etc). in person.

4b) Obtain introduction to orienteering if needed.

5) Check for updates regarding specific event instructions -- start procedure/course closure/special instructions/cautions.

6) Start and Finish Locations will be close to the assembly area.

7) Orienteer by running/walking your course from one flagged control-point to the next in sequence-- navigating the terrain as efficiently as possibly, but without going in 'forbidden/out of bound areas' and buildings, or going over structures which are indicated as 'forbidden to cross'!

alt text

8) Whether you have finished or not, report back to the Finish by the time indicated for Course Closure.

9) After reporting to Finish, report to the timing table to a) obtain an official time, b) get a printout of your timed results/splits, c) return any rented/borrowed SI timing sticks and/or compasses.

10) Stay for awards, as you may have won something :)

11) Have a coffee/bite to eat, meet some new people, compare routes/splits, and talk about how much fun you had!

Visitor Pay Parking Lots are available at SFU. The two most convenient to the assembly area are just South of the Cornerstone Complex (Lot VB) , and North of Saywell Hall (Lot VC). See SFU's map for Parking locations; other visitor lots include Lot VN, Lot I, etc.

Note regarding the terrain: all courses have substantial running/walking on pavement/concrete. Spiked shoes are not recommended. In case of rain, please be wary of slippery surfaces. All courses involve stairs, please be careful going down stairs. Do not run at speeds where you lose control. SFU campus security generally advises people not to run down stairs. Note please also be aware that campus will be busy. There is a large anime conference (2000 participants) taking place that day in Saywell Atrium as well as some of the Saywell and Blusson hallways and Halpern Centre. As such in addition to the regular SFU weekend crowd, there will be many people who are unfamiliar with campus milling about. In order to avoid collisions/accidents, you may need to run at slower speeds than you normally would. Additionally, some of the courses involve forest paths, with bridges -- the bridges are EXTREMELY slippery with some sections that seem about to break; you must slow down and be careful in these sections. There will also be some road crossings for some of the courses. Caution is always advised.


Course Maps


Easy Intermediate


Short Technical

Long Technical


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