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This year's junior festival was a great success. We had over 120 people come out to enjoy Robert Burnaby Park with us, many of them ran more than one course! This event was a head to head battle between Thomas Nipen and Graeme Rennie. Graeme claimed a victory in the maze-o in a time of 51 seconds, just edging out Thomas' time of 52 seconds. Graeme and Thomas tied on the jungle run both running a time of 1:16 on their first try (Graeme got it down to 1:06 on a second run through). With a time of 28:41, Thomas crushed the field on course 4 and beat 2nd place Graeme by over 3 minutes.

In the junior categories, the maze-o was won by Emma Kilham (GVOC junior program) and Quang Le (RCSCC Captain Vancouver). The jungle run was won by Mayumi Caunter (a member of last year's GVOC junior program) and Emile Vogel (RCSCC Captain Vancouver). Both Caunter and Vogel also won their categories on course 2.

The hill climb event was won by Neil Mcleod (GVOC) in a blistering time of 15 seconds. Louise Oram (GVOC) won the female hill climb in 21 seconds. Nathan Serhan and Sean Cullen (848 Royal Roads Squadron, Victoria) won the junior hill climb in 19 seconds and Carmen Canteli (Mulgrave School) celebrated her birthday in style by winning the junior female hill climb in 23 seconds.

Christoph Rufenacht (GVOC) tore up the finish chute in a killer time of 11 seconds! Louise Oram (GVOC) captured the female finish chute in 14 seconds. Emile Vogel won his third challenge of the day by winning the junior finish chute in 13 seconds and Elizabeth Topping (Army Cadets 2893) won the junior female finish chute in a time of 17 seconds.

Thank you for everyone who helped to make this event a great success and thank you to MEC for all your great prizes! We hope to see you all out again in 2 weeks at Rice Lake.

Prize Sponsor: Mountain Equipment Co-opĀ©


Course Maps

Course 1 (12-14)

Course 2 (15-16)

Course 3 (17-19)

Course 4 (Experienced Orienteers)


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