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Organizer: George Pugh (Event Director)

Map: Prince of Wales

With weather difficult to forecast, I will be setting a medium length 'Otervals' for groups of three. The exercise will feature 6 to 8 'short courses' of 3 to 4 controls, that will be run with fellow orienteers. The object will be to run/train hard, then have a chance to talk about your successes while walking to the next start. A "Line-O" will be inserted for good measure. We will meet under the protected overhang of the small school 'out building' on the west side of the campus.

Results: Thirty competitors (including Yukon member Ross Burnett of White Horse) ran the three forked courses. Line event showed orienteers have sharp eyes with most noting five controls of possible six. One control (#46 on Course A) was missing, a result of placement the day prior. I'm always amazed how well people orienteer given very little information :) Challenges included sprinting on a 1:7500 scale 'ancient' map, poor legibility, and orientation to true north (kudos to John Rance for picking that fact up). One injury occurred upon running into unmarked metal football training 'sled'. PLAN: bring first aid kit to each event! My thanks to Liz for providing her kit.



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