Organizers: Samantha Franks (Organizer), David Hodkinson (Organizer)

Map: Champlain Heights

This weeks session is at Champlain Heights and will be a peg relay with mass start at 6.45pm.

Meet at Champlain Heights Community Centre off Maquinna Drive. Link to map:

It will be dark, so make sure to bring a headlamp with good batteries.

What is a peg relay?
The basis of a peg relay is a simple point-to-point course with a mass start. What makes it different is that at specific checkpoints throughout the course, the first few competitors to arrive at the checkpoint are given additional checkpoints which they must visit before continuing with their race (these are the pegs). The winner of the race is the competitor who completes the most pegs, not the first to finish!

The course will include urban and forested park sections with a minimum distance of 3km with cut-off options for those wanting a shorter course.


Course Maps



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