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Organizer: Hilary Anderson (Organizer)

Map: UBC

Location: This weeks WET is on a newly-mapped area of UBC. Meet at THUNDERBIRD STADIUM ( in the parking lot at the stadium entrance where there is a bit of shelter if itsraining. 

Parking:Thunderbird itself has a flat rate of $6. Cheaper parking is available at the meters along East Mall and itsfree along 16th Avenue a few hundred metres northeast of theWesbrook Mall roundabout.

Course Notes:Focus this week is on route choice. The map is very detailed - look carefully for gaps in walls and fencesand for canopies allowing passage through buildings so you can plan the mostdirect route.

There will be two courses with individual starts any time after 6:30 pm. The standard one is ~ 5km and theshort version is ~2.5 km. Please sign up for either the standard or the short byTuesday 8:00 pm so a map can be printed for you.

Be sure to bring aheadlamp! The pin flags have reflectors on them to make them easier to pickout in the dark, but it will help to know exactly what you are looking for andwhere the flag is in relation to it. If youre not yet familiar with mapsymbols and control descriptions, go to this excellent website - - and download theirguides. Control descriptions for each course will be printed on the map and alsoavailable separately.



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