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Organizer: George Pugh (Event Director)

Map: Green Timbers

Dear Orienteers: Green Timbers is your chance to run a 'compact' 4 km course on a 'new' forest/meadow map located in the Greater Vancouver area.

Start Location is south side of 100 Ave, Park entrance with parking, between 144th and 148th Streets, Surrey. The nearest Sky Train Station is the " King George" at the end of the line, locatedon 100th Ave and King George Hwy. There appears to be no direct bus along 100th Ave, leaving a 2 km walk to the meet site. Ride sharing is recommended.

Washrooms are at the start location. location is a beautiful park with many picnic tables (shown as black X on map) surrounding the lake. Bringing dinner is a good option.

Course Setters Notes:

Green Timbers Map was created by Lehel Fenyo in 2008 and has been used only once. This WET will be a great opportunity to run on a very accurate forest/open meadow terrain 'new' map. However the vegetation boundaries have grown and some trails are not as prominent as in 2008.

  1. Wear leg protection. The course was vetted without protection, and controls sited to avoid the worst of the black berry brambles. However, in your haste to beat Magnus, you will need protection.

  2. Boulders are small, less than a metre in diameter. No glacier eratics exist on the map.

  3. Green open circles represent mature fir trees. However the trunks are not prominent in the forest, and only by looking 'way up' can one appreciate the size of the trees.

  4. Green closed circles represent the numerous cedar trees scattered throughout the park, and carefully mapped. They can be as short as an individual or truly tall mature cedars (occ. spruce).

  5. Original map was intended to be printed at 1:5000. I will endeavor to print at a larger scale, as the detail can be difficult to read! Pin flags will be used in public areas. Control flags will be used in forest.


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