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Organizer: Christoph Rufenacht (Event Director)

Map: Iona Beach

This week's WET will be at Iona Beach. We will meet under the covered area just west of the parking lot. The location can be found here:

This week the theme is map memory. It will be a partner exercise where each pair will receive one map. A regular course will be marked on the map. The first person will look at the map and memorize the route to the first control. They will then pass the map to their partner and, without consulting the map again, lead the way to the first control. On the way to the control, the person with the map will plan out the way to the second control. Once at the first control, the map will be passed to the first person, and the second person will lead the way to the second control (by memory). And so on...

This should be a really fun exercise The goal is not necessary to be the fastest, but to navigate to each of your controls without having to look at the map again or getting your partner to give you a hint. There will be more controls than usual so that the legs are not too long, but still challenging enough.

For those that really don't want to do the partner exercise, a regular course can be run but it won't be nearly as fun.

Starts from 6:30pm onwards, course closes at 7:45pm as the gates to the park are locked at 8pm.

Magnus has done a great job to revise and updated the entire map. So for those that have been out to this park before, it will seem like an entirely new map. Thanks to Magnus for his great work.


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