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Organizer: Louise Oram (Event Director)

Map: Renfrew Ravine

The WET will start from the parking lot on the west side of the park, just off Renfrew street (and just north of the intersection of 22nd and Renfrew). See the above link for a google map. It is walkable distance from the 29th ave Skytrain stn.

This WET will be a mass start Farsta. Mass start at 6:45!!!
What is a farsta? It is a one person relay, in this case 2 forked loops of the park (4 permutations of the forkings, so no following! (or at least only intelligent following))
Then, since it is a small but detailed park, the order of finishing will determine who you are paired with (first with second, and so on...) for a partner control picking exercise.


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