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Organizer: Jeremy Gordon (Event Director)

Map: Champlain Heights

November 3rd WET at Champlain Heights will be a standard point-to-point course, 4.5 kms long. There will be staggered mass starts from 6:30 onwards, with groups of 4-8 starting at 5 minute intervals.

The one twist is there will be a exercise to help train for quick location of the start on a map and getting going to the first control. A compass might help a bit, to identify which way is north.

There will be separate control descriptions available so bring an holder to go on your arm, if you have one, as checking control descriptions as you approach the control is good practice for "real" events.

Start is in front of the Champlain Heights Community Centre. Use their parking lot or theoverflow lot next door.

The "Village Pub" is right next door, so let's plan to go out for a drink afterwards.


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