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Organizers: Alex Kerr (Course Planner), George Pugh (Event Director), Jeremy Gordon (Controller), Bruce Inglis (Host)

Dear Orienteers: Next month's "Why Just Run" weekend event will see us hosting Scouts, Pathfinders and Cadets at our annual Spring Ramble, celebrating the return of warm weather and more orienteering. Although Deas Island may be flat, the growth of vegetation will provide challenges for all levels. We have booked the "Fisher's Meadow Picnic Shelter" for the use of participants; be sure to bring your lunch. Timing will use the Sport ID system. We will have individual timing sticks for rent for a nominal $2.00

Location: Deas Island Regional Park,****The park is accessed by heading south on Hway 99, through the Massey Tunnel, and exiting onto Hway 17 East. Proceed east 4 kilometers on Hway 17 (River Road) to the turn off to Deas Island Park.

Registration opens at 9:30, with the start window between 10:00 and 12:00.

Leg coverings for protection against brambles is highly recommended for the Elite Course 4

Course Closure is 2:00 and controls will be picked up at this time.

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