In 2010, GVOC is hosting the Western Canadian OrienteeringChampionships (also known as the "Barebones" event) in Whistler, BC.This is part of the North American Orienteering Festival from June 26 - July 21

it will be a fantastic opportunity for all GVOC members, regardless of level, to take part in up to 6 classic Orienteering events over a 4-day period July 9-12th.

However, we need volunteers to help put it on.

This coming Sunday Jan 31st, immediately after the "Why Just Run"Score-O event in Pacific Spirit Park, there will be a volunteer fair, held at at "The Chatham" lounge, 5775 Hampton Pl (at UBC) from 12:30pm onwards.

See Google map

Free pizza and pop provided.

Come and see a presentation on what the Whistler events will be like,see a video of a test run, and hear about how you can help put them on.You don't have to have any particular orienteering skills, there arelots of jobs anyone can do.

Please RSVP at
(Please note: this is a private lounge so, if you're entering theScore-O event beforehand, please bring a change of clothes and shoes,in case it's raining)

Contact Jeremy at with any inquiries.

Hope to see you all there.

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