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Organizer: George Pugh (Event Director)

Map: Prince of Wales

Fellow Orienteers: Buoyed with the inspiration and training examples of our Olympic athletes, GVOC will continue to offer Wednesday Evening Training events over the next six weeks. Meet at Prince of Wales School, sheltered alcove, near Eddington Drive and Brakenridge St for this weeks training.
I will be setting a longer running course of 6.5 km. Training in the expeditious use of control descriptions will be highlighted. For example:

1. A control circle will beseen in the middle of a large building. The description will tell youon which corner of the buildingto find the pin flag.

2. A control circle is 'vaguely placed' on a fence. The description will tell you on which fence corner the flag is located.

"Don't run aimlessly...strive to spike those controls!"

Please register on website. See you at 6:30.



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