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Organizer: Thomas Nipen (Event Director)

Map: Downtown

The WET on October 14, 2009 will take place downtown, amidst theskyscrapers, giant sport facilities, and urban parks. The map is brand
new and should offer lots of route choice.

We will meet at the southwest corner of the big fake-turf fields just off Expo Blvd, between Quebec Street and Carrall Street. Here is a map: There is parking along Expo Blvd, and surrounding streets for $2/hour, until 8pm. There is also a parkade at Keefer @ Quebec Street. There is no hockey game on, so parking should hopefully be ok. The meeting area is easy to get to by public transit. It's only a few hundred meters from the Stadium skytrain station. Just exit the station by going down the stairs. Follow Expo Blvd eastward for 300m until you see the big fields on the left.

Mapping notes:
Due to some verybusy roads on the map, I have decided to make these out-of-bounds. Thatis you may not cross these even if the roads happen to be clear oftraffic, or by crossing at crosswalks. These busy roads will be markedusing the out-of-bounds symbol (purple vertical lines). Note that onlythe busy roads are marked as out-of-bounds. You may cross other roadsnot marked out-of-bounds, but do watch out as cars might be travelingon these too! Also, remember that in some cases you will need to runquite far around to avoid crossing the out-of-bounds roads.

Hereis an example. A large roads is marked out of bounds in the map on theleft. To get from 3 to 4 in this case you would need to go up thestairs and over the bridge crossing the busy road as indicated by thedashed line.

Point A shows how it is possible to run under abridge, as well as over the bridge. B shows a set of stairs that letyou get from the bottom to the bridgedeck above. C shows an underpassrepresented by dotted lines. D shows an example of an impassable walls.These are shown by thick lines. These lines are thicker than the bridgelines, which are passable.


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