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Course Maps

Long Back-to-Back

Long Double Sprint

Organizer: Timothy Edmunds (Event Director)

Map: Granville Loop

Meet at the 6th and Fir Park.

Post-WET dining will be at Viet Flavour Restaurant on West Broadway


  • There is a public pay lot behind Beaucoup bakery on the northeast corner of 6th and Fir.
  • There is unmetered parking on Fir between 5th and 7th, on 5th between Fir and Burrard, and on 6th from halfway between Fir and Pine to Burrard.
  • There is metered parking on 6th between Granville and the end of the park halfway between Fir and Pine.

Race head-to-head! There are two sprint-style courses, each consisting of two loops (one loop on each side of Fir Street). Each course is about 3.4 km optimal running distance. Race options are:

  • Long head-to-head: Find a friend (or foe). Run simultaneously, but doing the two courses in the opposite order.
  • Double-sprint head-to-head: Like the long head-to-head except you take a break in between running the two courses. Compare your combined times, or run the second course with a chase start.
  • Short head-to-head: Find a friend. Run only the second loop of each of the courses (1.8 km optimal running distance each).
  • Short double-sprint head-to-head: like the short head-to-head except with a break between courses.
  • Lonely Long: Run both courses. Envy the fun and camaraderie of those who ran head-to-head.
  • Lonely Short: Run either course.

The maps are the same regardless of your choice of race option but to help people find head-to-head partners you can sign up for Long (you plan to do both courses sequentially) or Short (you plan to do the second half of both courses sequentially, or you plan to do the Lonely Short).

Map notes:

  • This very-urban gently-sloped map is relatively beginner friendly - navigating successfully to the controls will not be too challenging even for beginners. Finding the fastest route at full speed will (hopefully) provide an interesting challenge for advanced orienteers.
  • Crossing Fir Street is only permitted at the marked (pedestrian-lit) crosswalk adjacent to the start/finish.
  • Small or partially-fenced construction areas and patios have been marked as 714.3 (Temporary construction or closed area). Large fully-fenced construction areas have been mapped as surrounded by uncrossable fences.
  • The map is printed at 1:3000 scale, with 2 m contours

Beginners please arrive at 6:00 pm to receive some coaching. First starts at 6.30pm. Courses close at 8pm.

Registration deadline is set at 11:59 pm on Tuesday, please sign up early so that enough maps can be printed.



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