Organizer: Laurent Mingo (Event Director)

Urban-O Training

A DIY Urban-O this time, first event in a series of urban sprint trainings throughout January leading to Sprint Camp in February.

Markers are in the field and described below. Just use your own timing (watch), or get newbies into it using the timing app (see below).

Registration Link!/events/gvoc-2023-12-capu-diy-virtual-training

Who else is going?

Please note although there is no charge for this event you will have to join the club for 2024.


Link to download the maps will be sent in the confirmation email.

Adjust your speed to slippery conditions (sooner or later), this is not a World Ranking event...

Maps can be printed with links following registration, or used in digital format on the phone via the timing app.

Map Changes

One major construction site is now present on the CapU Map. See below for area you won't be able to run across. These were not updated on the downloadable map yet.


iOrienteering app timing with smartphone.

  1. Download the app at for iPhone or Android
  2. Create an iOrienteering profile
  3. Use either the course code or Setup QR code (on map) to select your course
  4. Once you scan the Start QR code, the digital map will be revealed in the phone app. But we suggest to run with a real size printed map.
  5. Run the course. You can either record the alphanumeric code on each control, or scan each QR to validate/punch the control.

If you are doing it with pen and paper, the verification table (control # <--> letter code) can be found here.

Enjoy the courses.


This is a DIY course, so as always, watch out for pedestrians, vehicles, and adjust your course plan with current conditions (weather, time of day). This course it to be undertaken under your own responsibility.


On Lillooet Road just W of campus, or by Inter River fields, W of campus (check gate closing time, something like 8pm)



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