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Organizers: Jonathan Harris (Event Director), Adam Woods (Controller), Victoria Cote (Coach), Sergio Fernández (Membership)

Map: False Creek

The map has been updated (thanks, Alton!) to reflect recent construction on Granville Island. There are several areas with canopies (light grey colour), and some areas passable at two levels which make for more complex navigation. Please ask one of the event organizers to give you a quick lesson if this is new to you.

Registration/start location is at Granville Island Picnic Pavilion.

Please sign up by Tuesday night (at Midnight) so that we can print enough maps. You can register here and see who has signed up here.


Parking is free on Granville Island after 6pm. See for information.

Courses (straight line distances):

  • Beginner: ~1.6 km, 13 controls. A short course suitable for those new to the sport, giving a taste of Granville Island and the local neighbourhood. Please arrive early for instruction.
  • Intermediate: ~3.7 km, 19 controls. A condensed version of the advanced course, predominantly focusing on the nearby residential areas and Charleson Park. Technically difficult orienteering with some complex route choices.
  • Advanced: ~5.3km, 24 controls. Technically difficult orienteering with some complex route choices, across the full map.

The longer courses are easy to shortcut so don't be afraid to challenge yourself and skip some controls if it's too much!


  • 18:00 Registration opens
  • 18:00 to 18:50: Coaching for beginners and on mapping of multi-level areas
  • 18:00 to 19:20: Individual starts
  • 20:00: Course closes. All participants must report to the finish before leaving!

Post event dining is at Masa Japanese Restaurant at 1414 W Broadway, approximately 15 minutes walk from the course start/finish.


  • There are many residential areas marked out of bounds. Please respect them!
  • Watch out for traffic, especially on Granville Island and along the road at the bottom of the map
  • Be extra cautious on the seawall as there can be a lot of other runners and cyclists
  • Don't forget to bring a headlamp!
  • This is my first time course planning so feedback is welcome (:



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