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Organizers: Stan Woods (Event Director), Joanne Woods (Controller), John Rance (Coach), Adam Woods (Coach)


Registration is open and you can see who has signed up here

Please sign up by Tuesday night (at Midnight) so that we can print enough maps.

The BCIT map has been recently updated and is now at 1:4000 scale. There are many areas with canopies, mapped with the 'Canopy' symbol 522 (light grey colour). There are also some areas passable at two levels (mapped with symbol 512.3) with the entrance to the lower level mapped with the tunnel entrance symbol (512.1). These multi-level areas on the map have been updated to the most recent Sprint Map standards. Information on mapping of multi level areas will be available at the event.

Bring your Control Description holders as separate control descriptions will be available for the Short and Long courses. Control descriptions will also be printed on the maps.

Registration/Start location is under cover of a canopy at the North-West corner of BCIT building SW1 (see Map below). There are bus stops on Willingdon Avenue just west of the registration/start location.

Parking: There is a drop off area near the registration. There is above-ground and covered pay parking nearby.


Beginner: Course suitable for beginners. Please arrive early for instruction. Running distance about 3.4 km, with about 16 controls and 35 meters of climb.

Short: Technically difficult orienteering with some complex route choices. Running distance about 3.9 km, with about 19 controls and 45 meters of climb.

Long: Technically difficult orienteering with some complex route choices. Running distance about 5.9 km, with about 27 controls and 65 meters of climb.


18:00 Registration opens.

18:00 to 1850: Coaching for beginners and on mapping of multi-level areas

18:00 to 19:20 individual starts

20:00: Course closes, all participants must report to the Finish before leaving.

Post Event dinning and visiting at 'No. 1 Beef Noodle' Taiwanese restaurant near the south west corner of the map at 4741 Willingdon Ave.



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