Organizers: Dawn Mooney (Event Director), Joanne Woods (Membership), Chris Benn (Controller), Chris Benn (Coach), Alton Ho (Coach), Robyn Astridge (Coach)

Kits - Tenth Ave is a new map by Brian Ellis, covering an urban area of schools, parks, apartment buildings, houses, and retail, between Broadway and 12th Ave and Burrard and Trafalgar streets. The shorter course is suitable for beginners and the longer course includes additional challenges with direction change and route choice. It will be dark, so a headlamp will be helpful. A few sections will be muddy and some sections will be slippery with wet leaves. Please be sure to cross streets safely (and at pedestrian crossings where possible), and watch for bikes, cars, and pedestrians. There are several busy bike routes in the area, including the Arbutus Greenway.

  • Longer course: 4 km
  • Shorter course: 2.7 km

Register by 1 pm on Wednesday Nov 8. You can see who has signed up here.

The parking lot along Larch St and the ice rink lot are for patrons of Kits Community Centre only, so please try to park on nearby streets. The community centre will be open for bathrooms etc.

Results - longer course (min):

Ben Smith 24
Adam Woods 24
Robyn Astridge 28
Sergio Fernandez Lozada 28
Alistair Howard 29
Alton Ho 30
Mathieu Van Vyve 31
Joanne Woods 35
Lisa Perrett 35
Safder Raza 35
Victoria Cote 37
Nikita (Nik) Zaborovskii 38
Robin Van Vyve Courtois 38?
ChloƩ Van Vyve Courtois 39
Laurent Mingo 41
Marion Courtois 41
William Prazsky 41
Stan Woods 43
West Lee 44
Dawn Lesowai 45
Lisa Howard 45
Erica Ellis 48
Jonathan Harris 48
Meghan MacLeod 50
Arya Stevinson 53
Clare Tuch 53
Ben Reimer 54
Jeremy Gordon 54
Zab Reimer 54
Brian Ellis 57
Carmen M. Martinez 67
Margaret Ellis 72
Yohann Pare 93
Cole Reintsma 94

Results - shorter course (min):

Matthew Howard 23
Lucie Carette 39
Beckett Lee 40
Bob Lee 40
Tristan/Carter/Timothy Edmonds 43
Connie Bird 50
Pathfinders group 1 63
Kristin Simmons 67
Pathfinders group 2 70
Alexander Howard 76
Pathfinders group 3 84


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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