Organizers: Robyn Astridge (Course Planner), Alton Ho (Course Planner), Brian Ellis (Controller), Marg Ellis (Assistant), Ingrid Weisenbach (Permit), Joanne Woods (Membership), Chris Benn (Event Director), Stan Woods (Coach), Nathan Detroit Barrett (Assistant), Jonathan Harris (Assistant)

Map: Watershed Park

Thanks to to everyone who came out! Apologies again for the misplaced control; thank you everyone for taking it in stride!

The next Why Just Run event will be at Watershed Park on Sunday, November 19th.

The Watershed Park map has been updated in 2022 by Brian Ellis, Marg Ellis and Daniel Widmann. For those who have been in this forest park before and experienced its remarkably complex (and confusing) trail network, you will find much more accurate trail mapping on the revised map. The contours have also been updated, and numerous prominent (>2m high and accessible) rootstocks have been added.

Watershed Park has highly variable vegetation density, ranging from clean forest floor to impenetrable brush often hiding deadfall. Route choice decisions involving traversing between trails can therefore be tricky, and the WJR courses have been planned to emphasize trail-based route choice decisions.

The original vegetation mapping has been replaced with computed vegetation density (generated from the LiDAR data) but this cannot be relied upon for predicting “runnability”.

You can see who has signed up here

Course details:

  • Beginner: 2km (12 controls)
  • Intermediate: 3.9km (16 controls)
  • Advanced: 6.5km (20 controls)


Please sign up by midnight Friday 17th November so we know how many maps to print.

9.30 am – Registration opens

10 am – First Start

11.15 am Last Start

12.30 pm Courses Close. (You must report back to the start/finish, even if you haven’t finished the course. Otherwise, we will send out a search party for you!).

Parking/meeting location:

  • The best place to park is at the West end of Pinewood Dr (immediately South of Pinewood Elementary School).
  • The start and finish will be at the Scout camp. There will be pin flags from the trailhead (at the West end of Pinewood Dr)


Without volunteers, these events cannot take place.A big thanks to all those helping put this event on. If you would like to volunteer/help at an upcoming WET/WJR, or would like to organize a WET, please let us know



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