Organizers: Caoimhe Murray (Event Director), Brian Ellis (Course Planner), Chris Benn (Assistant), Alistair Howard (Controller), Robyn Astridge (Assistant), Alton Ho (Assistant), Joanne Woods (Membership)

Please be aware that this is typical steep west coast terrain. These trails are often steep and technical.


09.30 am – Registration opens

10-11 am Starts

1 pm – Courses close, participants must report to the finish by the closure time


  • Beginners – 1.6 kms – this still requires map – reading skills and careful navigation so some prior experience of orienteering is recommended
  • Short Advanced – 3.5 kms technically difficult.
  • Extended Advance – Adult – 6.6 kms technically difficult. There will be an option to shortcut if needed.

SI timing will be used.

Please sign up by Friday midnight so enough maps can be printed.

You can see who has signed up here

Safety Precautions

There are reports of wasp nests in the area so if you are allergic to stings please be aware of this.

Do not forget your whistle.



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