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Organizers: Alton Ho (Event Director), Chris Benn (Controller), Alton Ho (Course Planner), Joanne Woods (Membership), Denis Anisimov (Coach)

Map: UBC

This week's WET will be held in UBC around Arcadia Park. The area is a technical sprint area with some very limited forest sections.

There will be two courses offered:

  • Advanced: 5.5km, 38 controls
  • Beginner: 2.3km, 14 controls

The event lasts from 18:30 to 20:30; no one will be allowed to start after 19:45. Please arrive at 18:00 if you are new to orienteering so you can receive some coaching.


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Map Specifics

  • Scale: 1:4000
  • Contour Interval: 2m


The meeting location is at the Wind Tower by Regent College. In the case of rain, we will move to the sheltered areas across the road at UBC Hospital. There are paid parking and parking meters at Regent College, and at UBC Hospital. Additionally, there are many buses that will be able to reach UBC.

Course Notes

  • Artificial walls are included in the advanced course to make route choices more challenging
  • There are some map-specific comments I'd like to make:
    • in various places trees/man-made objects have been removed/added;
    • new paths have been paved in some areas and have been added to the map
    • playgrounds are mapped as clusters of man-made objects
  • There is new construction in the residential areas, it won't obstruct your route choices but beware of it while you're running.
  • As usual, please be mindful of other users, especially since this is a busy residential area with many children living around the area.
  • Don't forget to bring your own map bags, it will be printed in legal size (if you have them).
  • Control descriptions for the advanced course will be printed.


Upload your a GPS track from your watch/phone to see your route, analyze your training and compare to others:

Livelox - Event: UBC/Acadia WET



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