Organizers: Sergio Fernández (Course Planner), Daniel Widmann (Event Director)

Results: Burke Results

Come and explore lots of brand new terrain on Burke Mountain! You have the option between a 2h and 4h score-o. Parents will be able to take turns by choosing the 2h option and there will be some easy controls close to start for kids/beginners. The expected running distance to collect all controls is 20+ km, with lots of climb, so we don’t expect many to be able to get all controls.

Bring some camping chairs and beach blankets for a picnic afterwards! The trees at Sheffield park are still quite small, so you might want to bring your own personal shade if the weather is sunny.

Scoring Rules

You need to collect a maximum of points within a given amount of time (2 or 4 hours). Each control will be worth a fixed amount e.g. controls numbered 31 to 39 will be worth 30 points each, controls numbered 40 to 49 will be worth 40 points each etc and each minute late back will reduce your point total. You will lose 20 points for every minute that you are back late so it isn't worth attempting to get that last control if it means you will be back late.


We have a mostly new, 9 sq. km map that has something for everybody. Urban areas, parks & lots of forest. Different parts of the map have been mapped in different detail. On top of the existing map there is a brand new section of forest that has been mapped in detail by David Bakker in 2022. Some sections of the map have been auto-generated and have only seen limited field checking. Expect these parts of the map to be rough and don’t trust any of the details on the map. If in question, use your own good judgment instead of relying on the map.

The map will be printed at a 1:15000 scale, there will be a 1:7500 map for beginners focusing on the area around the start.

Please bring your own map bag.

No Beginner Training

We will not provide training for beginners as part of this event. If you haven’t done any orienteering before, please check out some of our other events.

Controls / Timing

Due to the remoteness of the terrain and our limited volunteer base, there will be no SI timing. We will use old-school needle punches.


The start and finish will be at Sheffield Park. There is plenty of street parking available or it is a 4 min walk from the next bus stop (Bus 191).

There are washrooms and a water fountain locate at the start. There are no other washrooms or drinking water available on the map, please prepare accordingly.

Start Window 4h: 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Start Window 2h: 9:30 AM - 12:30 AM

Course Closes 2:30 PM


Please register here before Friday June 9th midnight. There will be no on-site registration available.

The event is free to attend. A GVOC membership is required to attend for insurance reasons. As the club is loosing money on events like this, we appreciate donations to help offset the cost of mapping and map printing.

Safety Precautions

  • Prepare to be self-sufficient for the duration of your run!
  • All competitors must report to the finish, so we know you're safe.
  • Whistles must be carried. If you don't have a whistle, you may purchase one at registration.
  • BE BEAR AND COUGAR AWARE! Become bear aware, and consider carrying bear spray if you are nervous about bear encounters.
  • There is no drinking water available other than the start/finish.
  • There are flushing toilets at the start/finish. We will mark the location of outhouses on the map.
  • We recommend carrying a cellphone for emergency usage. Please respect the spirit of the event, and don't use the GPS functionality unless you're hopelessly lost and concerned for your safety. Note that some areas of the map might not have cell signal.



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