Organizers: Robyn Astridge (Event Director), Chris Benn (Host), Denis Anisimov (Coach)

Map: Vanier Park


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About the points:

Each participant in an event is awarded 50 base points for showing up, and the rest is calculated based on your place and the number of participants in that course. The more you run, and the faster you run, the better your final score!

As a lead up to the Sprint Camp (March 24th-26th ) there is a 3 event WET "mini series.".

Each of these WET events will be similar to a normal WET event but with SI timing and there will be 2-3 controls with SI out on the course. The rest of the controls will be the normal pin flags.

Points will be awarded based on your position in each event and there will be prizes for overall position.

The idea is to make these events a bit more competitive so please try and come out to the events.

There will also be an introductory/beginners’ course.

The following are the events:

Feb 22-2023… Vanier Park

March 1-2023… Confederation Park

March 15-2023…. Greenwood Park (location to be confirmed).

See who is coming to Vanier Park here

Event Information

There will be two courses offered:

  • Advanced: 5.5km, 24 controls
  • Beginner: 2.4km, 12 controls

The event lasts from 18:30 to 20:30; no one will be allowed to start after 19:45. Please arrive at 18:00 if you are new to orienteering so you can receive some coaching.

Map Specifics

  • Scale: 1:5000
  • Contour Interval: 2m


The meeting location is at the boathouse by the tennis courts. There are bathrooms and shelter. There is paid (?) parking available by the tennis courts and free parking along Cornwall St. and Arbutus St. Additionally, there are many bussing options (the 2 goes right along Cornwall St.) and the park is on the Seaside bike route.

Course Notes

  • Don't forget to bring your headlamp! It still gets dark around 18:00.
  • There are some map-specific comments I'd like to make:
    • in various places trees/man-made objects have been removed/added;
    • near Kitsilano Pool in particular there seems to have been a recent addition of vegetation (the map only shows a tree or two...)
    • playgrounds are mapped as clusters of man-made objects
  • There is new construction on the East side of the map, so keep that in mind when running.
  • As usual, please be mindful of other park users, especially since this is a pretty busy park.
  • Don't forget your SI stick if you intend to race in the Open category!
  • Don't forget to bring your own map bags (if you have them). They'll need to be legal size.

It will be cold, so dress warmly and bring lots of layers! Looks like temperatures will fall below 0, and we can expect a pretty bad wind chill from the ocean.



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