Organizers: Alistair Howard (Event Director), Tim Blair (Course Planner)

Map: Hollyburn Ridge (Ski-O)

Register here!/events/hollyburn-ski-o-2023-02...

As a special treat this weekend we have a Ski orienteering event on offer. A number of members have children in Hollyburn Jackrabbits and this event was originally scheduled for their participation. But once again the pin flags will be left up for a few days and we are offering so that club members can take advantage of the exercise. Controls will be up by noon Friday and taken down by 3 pm on Sunday.

The event is free but you will need to be a member of the club for 2023. There is option to join the club as part of the event registration process.

After entering you will receive a link to download the map with control locations.

You will need a valid Cross Country day pass which can be purchased on-line in advance from Cypress Mountain. Start and finish is in front of the Nordic Center Ticket booth where the host will check your pass.

Details of event

The event is a Score-O. Collect all of the controls in any order in as short a time as possible.

Controls will be marked with small/mini control flags hanging from the nearest available branch. They need to be out of the way of the groomer so they be slightly off track.

The flags will all have punches if people want to bring out a control card.

If people want to have times recorded then please could they email their time to collect all the controls to the event director.



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