Organizers: Vili Virkki (Event Director), Caoimhe Murray (Controller)

Map: Yaletown

Map and terrain:

  • Map 1:4000 with 2 m contours. Freshly checked and updated.
  • Bring your own map covers. A couple of spares might be available.
  • Regular city sprint alternating between apartment blocks and two distinct park areas.
  • Majority of courses is on paved surface. In advanced, 80-90% of the optimal route is paved, in other courses even more.
  • Lawns are a bit muddy and therefore surprisingly slippery sometimes. Could still likely do with road running shoes.
  • Be aware of all modes of traffic. Occasional car encounters may happen, but we're sharing the space also with cyclists and pedestrians (especially the Seaside path). And geese.

Three courses offered:

  • Advanced: 4.2 km straight line. Trickiest route choices with lots of twisting and turning.
  • Intermediate: 2.9 km straight line. Mainly straightforward with a few less obvious route choices.
  • Beginner: 1.9 km straight line. Beginner-friendly with safe contact to major features throughout.

As the terrain is comparably easy and relatively calm for a hard-surface city sprint, two potential training options can be given:

  • Taking on a course one level more difficult than usual. This is a good chance to give intermediate a try if you've done beginner and perhaps try out advanced if you're normally an intermediate runner.
  • Overspeed orienteering, i.e. predominantly running at or near maximum speed and keeping orienteering as the secondary priority. This will test your ability to keep on thinking when putting it all out physically.
  • But neither is compulsory; the most important thing is to come out and have fun!

Starts after 6:30 PM. Everyone must be back by 8:30 PM.

Meet location - under the cover near the David Lam Dock (see the map). There is on-street parking nearby, the Yaletown-Roundhouse Skytrain station is a short walk away, and the ferries dock is right there if you're coming from the other side of the creek. There is some cover to keep your belongings dry in case of rain.

If you're new to orienteering, come early (6:00ish) for a training briefing.

Bring a headlamp! (and bring a friend)

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