Organizers: Joanne Woods (Event Director), Joanne Woods (Course Planner)

You don't want to miss this one! Wednesday Evening Training at IOCO as a perfect warmup for the BCOC.


There will be 2 point to point courses. A 4 km course for those who want to climb hills, and a 2 km course with fewer hills, both will be technically challenging.

The focus of the 4 km course is route choice. On each leg look for at least 2 or potentially even 3 options for how to get to the control, and assess them for 2 things:

1. potentially fastest route

2. most likely to not screw up route / find control (often the one with the better approach to the area around the control). Discuss your route choices with other participants after the event and see if your route choice was a good decision.

The 2 km course will focus more on handrails and bearing practice (at least that is the plan at the moment - it may change).


If you would like to improve your forest orienteering skills and to help prepare you for the BCOC's - we can arrange for some coaching or someone to help you on the course. If interested, please email

If you would like to offer your services as a coach - we would love to hear from you. Please email


As this is forest orienteering, make sure you bring a whistle and possibly a head lamp if you find it hard to read a map in a forested area while the sun is setting.

Course start and closure times

Note - it will be getting darker by 8:30, and the gate on the road does get locked at some point in the evening, so please respect the course closing time of 8:00 pm. So, we will start at 6:00 pm to give you lots of time on the course.

Parking and getting there

We have arranged for parking in the Trials Association Parking lot, so meet in the parking lot on thermal plant road. See pin on the map below.


Use this link to register:!/events/gvoc-2022-08-24-wet-ioc...

Or simply click the large green Register button on this page

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