Organizers: Daniel Widmann (Event Director), John Rance (Course Planner), Karen Lachance (Event Director)

GPS upload Saturday

Results Saturday

GPS upload Sunday

Results Sunday

Couple of pics from Saturday night camping, including the fleet of Starlink satellites we saw!

Update September 15th:
  • We might have some extra maps. If you consider coming on short notice, please contact us to confirm availability before you leave.
  • We will offer a small snack & hot drinks (Protein Bar & Tea) after the event.
  • If you are camping, don't forget a warm sleeping bag, lots of water and camping chairs.

Come join us for a weekend of social orienteering at Lundbom Lake near Merritt, BC.
This event will be simpler than our WhyJustRun events (no SI, fewer course choices) but will provide lots of opportunities to have a good time with other orienteers and families.

For any questions email

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Expect a mix of grassland and open forest with lots of intricate contour features, smaller cliffs and boulders. The terrain is very runnable but there might be some small sections with deadfall or denser vegetation. Generally the orienteering is less technical than Ioco or Parkhurst, but still has lots to offer for all levels of orienteers.

The map has been expanded and improved from last year. However this is not a competition level map. There might still be missing features, areas with inaccurate vegetation, or inconsistencies between different parts of the map. If in doubt, use your own good judgement!


Saturday (September 17th):
  • Course Planner: Karen Lachance & John Rance
  • Registration: Harold's Hole Group Campsite.
  • Start times are from 11am to 1pm, with courses closing at 3pm sharp.
    You must report back to the finish line even if you don't finish your course (so we don't send out a search party to look for you).
  • Courses:
    • String Course (<1km)
    • Intermediate (4.0km, 140m, 11 controls)
    • Short Technical (5.0km, 210m, 12 controls, 3.8km with cutoff)
    • Long Technical (7.8km, 300m, 14 control)

Sunday (September 18th):
  • Course Planner: Daniel Widmann
  • Registration: Harold's Hole Group Campsite.
  • Start times are from 9am to 10:30am, with courses closing at 12:30pm sharp.
    You must report back to the finish line even if you don't finish your course (so we don't send out a search party to look for you).
  • String Course (<1km)
  • Intermediate (4.1km, 110m, 9 controls)
  • Short Technical (4.8km, 175m, 11 controls)
  • Long Technical (8.0km, 275m, 14 controls)

If you need more flexibility for the event timing, please contact us and we will try to accommodate you.

Timing/Control Markers:

No SI timing, self-timing using GPS or Beacon Timing.
Control locations will be marked with full sized orienteering flags.
Controls numbers are marked on orange/pink flagging tape next to the control. You can use the app, upload your GPS track, or there will be a limited number of wrist devices to borrow.

Please download the third-party Beep Timing app.

No Banquet:

We will not have a formal banquet as part of the event.

Feel free to bring some snacks to mingle on Saturday evening.


There is Parking at the Harold’s Hole group site and along the access road.

Please do not block the road or any other recreation site users!


  • Group Camping (see
    Lundbom Lake has a large group campsite at Harold’s Hole. The group camping is very basic without picnic tables or lake access but is conveniently located at the start and finish. At an elevation of over 1000m above sea level, nights can get chilly. Please bring lots of water, some camping chairs & tables and remember warm sleeping bags!

    Recreation Sites and Trails BC does not provide camping reservations. We are confident that there will be enough space for everybody to stay, but there might be a small chance of other groups using the same space. Please indicate during registration if you intend to stay at the group campsite. Camping fees are directly paid to the site host (CASH only, $15 per party per night).
  • Individual Camping
    There are lots of individual campsites around Lundbom Lake with picnic tables. All sites are first come first serve.
  • Hotel/Motel/Luxurious Camping
    There are hotels, motels and higher standard campgrounds available in Merritt (20-30 min driving).


There are outhouses available at the start / finish. There won’t be washrooms on the course.

Potable Water

There is no potable water available at Lundbom Lake. We do not provide any water on the course or at the registration area.The closest potable water source is located in Merritt.


Registration Deadline Thursday September 15th 23:59 PM.



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