Organizer: Brian Ellis (Event Director)

Orienteering maps are essential for our sport, and we need more mappers who are able to produce them. If you are interested in learning how, we are offering an on-line multi-step clinic whose lessons are designed to teach you how to use the (free) Open Orienteering Mapper software. The focus of the clinic will be primarily on producing urban O maps (parks, schools, etc).

You will need access to a computer running Windows (or a Windows emulation program). You will also need enough free time to practice your drafting skills (unless you are already au fait with CAD systems).

If you are interested, or want more information, please send an e-mail to <bee at> and I will add you to the list, and try to answer your questions. Participation will ultimately be limited to eight keen people. Those who have contacted me by April 24 will be invited to a subsequent Zoom session where we can discuss the course content and expectations.


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