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Organizers: Denis Anisimov (Event Director), Brian Ellis (Controller), Joanne Woods (Membership)

Map: Vanier Park

Come yourself and bring a friend for a crisp run with Downtown views at the Vanier park!


Advanced course includes a "crab" in it, aka "butterfly loops". It's a course design that includes branching in the middle that allows two competitors to start closely or even together for a head-to-head competition. Two competitors receive slightly different sequence of controls, but still run the same distance. Bring a friend or find someone at the event for a little competitive spirit!

Intermediate course covers the full map area, but without the crab. Nice run in the park with some bearing and route choice practice.

Beginner course covers mostly the beach area and is good for trying out orienteering for the first time.

Start location

The start location is at the covered area under the "Boathouse" restaurant at the Kitsilano beach.


Please use the registration button to sign up. You'll be taken to website where you'll be able to register and purchase your club membership if needed.

Registration is open until Wednesday afternoon. If you register late - don't worry! We'll print a few extra maps, but please make sure that you've signed up on 2mev and have filled your declaration of health.

See who's coming

On the day of the event

Each and every family member who will be attending the orienteering event must fill in a Declaration of Health form. You can find the online form here.

Don't forget to bring a headlamp!


All Wednesday Evening Training events are organized by volunteers and are free for club members. Want to volunteer? Send a message



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