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Organizers: Adam Woods (Event Director), Joanne Woods (Membership), Robyn Rennie (Assistant)

For those of you interested in some fun forest training - we offer you the "Lightside" course on Burke Mountain in the snow! It was a "white" snowy course last week, but with the warmer weather most of the snow has melted throughout the week.

It is a "do it on your own virtual" point to point course, with the opportunity to do some direct route choices or take trails to the controls. Pin flags with reflective tape have been placed at the controls. Note: there are other pin flags in the southeast section of the map, especially along the edges of creeks, so don't be tricked by the other pin flags.

Start location on the East side of the Smiley Creek Bridge on Harper Road.

Before registering for the event: purchase your 2022 membership here. We are using a new membership registration system this year and the first thing it asks is for you to create a login to the software. We will be using this software for events as well so it will know who you are going forward and make it easier to register. If you face any issues or have feedback please let the team know at

To get a PDF of the map please email


This event is available on MapRun6 as Canada > British Columbia > Vancouver > 2022 > Burke Mtn Lightside. Tracking is turned on automatically. If you want to turn it off you can do so in the Options and Settings before passing through the start triangle. See here for more information on using MapRun6



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