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Dog bones

Organizers: Thomas Nipen (Event Director), Louise Oram (Course Planner)

Map: UBC

Welcome to the first WET of 2022! We have prepared a course in the Acadia residences area near UBC. Start is at Norma Rose Point School. Pay parking is available next to the school. Alternatively, free parking may be available along 16th Avenue (followed by a short walk through the woods to the event).

The format is dogbone orienteering! For those of you not familiar with the concept, the map consists of a number of pairs of controls, each called a dog bone. The object is to visit all dogbones. You can run them in any order and in any direction, but once you start one dogbone you have to finish it before starting one a new one. To see an example, check out the maps labeled Dogbone on this event.

The course can be done virtually, or you can show up between 6pm and 7pm on Wednesday to get a map (please bring a map bag!). Please be back by 8pm. Flags will be out until Sunday Jan 9 at 3pm if you want to visit them at another time.

Before registering for the event: purchase your 2022 membership here. We are using a new membership registration system this year and the first thing it asks is for you to create a login to the software. We will be using this software for events as well so it will know who you are going forward and make it easier to register. If you face any issues or have feedback please let the team know at

IF YOU MISSED the event Wednesday evening and want a copy of the map, email to request a PDF of the map, or an address to pick up a printed map. There are plenty of extra maps sitting on the porch at 5626 Alma street, if you are able to drop by to pick one up.



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