Organizers: Jeremy Gordon (Event Director), Mike Rascher (Course Planner), Chris Benn (Course Planner), Laurent Mingo (Course Planner), Stan Woods (Controller), Brian Ellis (Controller), Meghan Rance (Controller), John Rance (Coach), Joanne Woods (Membership), Dawn Lessowai (Organizer), Karen Lachance (Organizer), Alistair Howard (Organizer), Victoria Cote (Organizer), David Bakker (Organizer), Caoimhe Murray (Organizer), Alistair Howard (Organizer), Ben Smith (Organizer), Lisa Howard (Assistant)


  • Aug 25
    • OBC AGM details -
    • Registration is now closed
    • Bulletin has been sent out
    • Camping instructions sent out
    • Jury members
      • John Rance
      • Marg Ellis
      • Teresa Winn
    • See you all in two days!
  • Aug 16
    • Accommodation
      • All group rooms are sold out. There are still a few group camping spots remaining.
    • Banquet
      • Due to problems with original caterer, the menu for the Banquet has changed. We will be ordering in from See details below.
      • Banquet ticket sales end 11:59pm on August 19th so we can get our order in on time.
    • OBC AGM
      • Held at the Myrtle Philip Community School, 6195 Lorimer Rd.
      • Meeting starts at 5:30pm. See details below.
    • Bulletin
      • Due out soon...
  • July 31
    • Registration closes 11:59pm on Wed Aug 24
    • There are still a few rooms available at Athletes Centre and Hostel, as well as Group Camping sites
  • July 26
    • Planned start times for events (may change slightly)
      • Middle #1 (Parkhurst): Sat 27th @ 1pm
      • Sprint (Cheakamus Crossing): Sun 28th @ 8am
      • Middle #2 (Parkhurst): Sun 28th @ 12:30pm
    • Camping
      • A group campsite is now available on Fri Aug 26th (as well as Sat 27th).
    • Banquet location changed
      • Unfortunately Athletes' Centre can no longer host us so banquet will be at Myrtle Philip Community School.
  • July 25
    • There are still a number of 4-bed rooms available at the Hostel but I will be cancelling the hold on these on July 29, so book now if you want to reserve a room. All but one single rooms have now been taken.
      • Note: you don't have to fill all 4 beds! Even at $376+taxes for entire room for two nights, it's cheaper than many Whistler hotels.
    • 2 group camp sites have been reserved at Riverside Campground for the night of Saturday Aug 27. See information under "Group Camping" location in the Accommodation section below.
  • July 21
    • Added cost of events and banquet to information pages
    • Corrected cost of Sprint Open events to $20 (I will follow up with anyone who previously registered)
  • July 20
    • Please note all room bookings at Athletes' Centre and Hostel must be made using the BCOC 2022 Registration website. Please do not contact these locations directly
  • July 19: all inquiries to
  • July 18: Registration opens July 20 !


After missing two years due to Covid-19, the BC Champs are back on Saturday Aug 27 and Sunday Aug 28, 2022. For those of you who attended the recent WCOCs or COCs, you'll be in top shape! For those of you who missed those events, here's a great opportunity for excellent orienteering closer to home (for many people).

Note: Logistics are still being determined, so some things may change slightly. A Bulletin will be sent out closer to the event dates.

See who is coming

When the search page comes up, click in the "Search Registrants" text box, don't enter anything, then hit Enter...!/events/3812-2022-bc-championship-middle-day-1/registrations/search!/events/2022-bc-championship-middle-day-2-7p32y/registrations/search!/events/2022-bc-championship-sprint/registrations/search


Day One will be a Middle event on the brand new "Parkhurst" map. Day Two will kick off with a Sprint event at the recently updated Cheakamus Crossing, followed by a second Middle event at Parkhurst.

The Parkhurst map, next to Whistler's Green Lake, is a smaller area so can't support a Long event, but the complex terrain will make for challenging navigation on a 1:7500 scale. There's even a "Ghost Town" on the map, so we've made that the logo for this year's event. The Cheakamus Crossing map is a combination of intricate trails in a forest setting and neighbourhood streets and open areas.

Fees for events are as follows

  • Middle
    • Adult: $30
    • Youth: $15 (race age < 21)
    • Open: $30
  • Sprint
    • Adult: $20
    • Youth: $10 (race age < 21)
    • Open: $20


There will be on Saturday held at the Myrtle Philip Community School, 6195 Lorimer Rd. Doors open around 6pm. We have to be out by 9pm.

UPDATE: Due to problems with original caterer, the menu for the Banquet has changed.

We will be ordering from Orders are due by this Saturday, August 20th by 10pm PST. No changes to orders will be possible after this. People who do not place their order in time will have a meal chosen for them and we will not be able to accommodate their dietary restrictions.

You can find specific ingredients on the Freshii website. Please let us know about any dietary restrictions in the comments on the spreadsheet (link below).

Need help with the order and how to use the spreadsheet? Watch this video on YouTube to get a sense of how it works, or download from Google video.

  • Regular, light eaters and children? Choose a bowl OR a wrap. Wraps will not have a protein choice, except the Cobb which has an egg, but bowls do. This should be enough food but if you know you have a high metabolism and don’t want to go hungry, please see the following options. Please use your discretion as we can’t afford to have everyone choose both a bowl and wrap.
  • Protein lover? Choose a bowl with double protein
  • High metabolism? Choose a bowl with ONE protein choice and a wrap.

Choices are as follows:

Bowls: Choose one

  • Tex Mex
  • Mediterranean
  • Teriyaki
  • Buddha
  • Bamboo

Proteins: Choose One OR if you need extra protein, choose the double option but you won’t be eligible for a wrap

  • Chicken
  • Falafel
  • Steak
  • Tofu
  • Two eggs
  • Double Chicken
  • Double Falafel
  • Double Steak
  • Double Tofu

Wraps Still hungry or like wraps better? If you choose a bowl as well as a wrap, you may choose only a single protein in the bowl.

  • Fiesta
  • Kale Caesar
  • Cobb

After you register, you'll get an email with ordering instructions. Do not order from Freshli yourself.

Cost of banquet is as follows

  • Adult: $30 (+ tax)
  • Child (race age < 18 years): $20 (+ tax)
    • Apologies: an earlier version of this page mistakenly said $15

Orienteering BC AGM

This will be held before the banquet, at the Myrtle Philip Community School, 6195 Lorimer Rd. Meeting starts at 5:30pm. Please be on-time so the meeting can end as quickly as possible and the banquet start.


This is always a challenge at Whistler at this very busy time of year, so we have pre-reserved rooms for mandatory two nights (Aug 26 & 27) at the Whistler Athlete's Centre and at the nearby Hostel International, both at Cheakamus Crossing (the location of the banquet and the Sprint event)


  • These rooms can only be held until July 26 so it is critical that you register early! Currently hotel rooms in Whistler start at $250 per night (one property) and quickly go to up to $350 per night and above.
  • Any cancellations will be subject to the Lodge and Hostel cancellation policies.
  • Please note all room bookings at Athletes' Centre and Hostel must be made using the BCOC 2022 Registration website. Please do not contact these locations directly to make bookings (this is a change from the way it was done in past)


  • Athlete's Centre
  • Hostel
    • Four "private queen" (1-bed) rooms at $320+taxes for two nights (shared bathroom)
    • Twelve "private 4-bed" rooms at $376+taxes for entire room for two nights (shared bathroom)
      • Great value for a family or a small group
      • One person should pay for room when registering and make arrangements to be find, and be reimbursed by, other occupants.
      • Room booker is responsible for entire cost of room.
      • I have set up a "car pooling" website at that can be used if wanted. "Drivers" are the people who book the room. "Passengers" are the people who have arranged with the "Driver" to be in the room, or who are looking for a bed
    • See
    • 1035 Legacy Way, Whistler
    • Direct Line 604.962.0025 | Toll Free 1.877.962.00
  • Group Camping
    • Group camp sites have been reserved at Riverside Campground for the nights of Friday Aug 26 and Saturday Aug 27.
    • Cost is calculated per person of approximately $10 each.
    • Parking may be an additional $10/car.
    • I will calculate the cost once total numbers are known, and have you transfer funds to me.
    • If you want to reserve a spot, email with "Group Camping" in the title and stating (can be adjusted up to 11:59pm on Aug 6)
      • Number of tents
      • Total number of people in tents
      • Number of cars
      • Which nights you want to camp - Sat 27th only or both Fri 26 and Sat 27
    • This campground may also have some "regular" sites left, which you can book by contacting them directly (please don't contact them about the group sites)

Club Membership and Waiver

All participants who are not already a GVOC member will need to indicate a club and sign the waiver. For non-GVOC participants (including other BC clubs), please select options for "Visitor" and for "Single Event". You will be charged $5 for this. Our apologies for this but GVOC has to pay for the insurance for the events you register in


Please email any inquiries to

Jeremy Gordon

Event Director



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