Organizers: John Rance (Event Director), Joanne Woods (Membership), Karen Lachance (Coach)

Map: Mundy Park

Moody Park and Lord Kelvin school are a tiny orienteering venue in Uptown New Westminster. They are only about 400 metres by 400 metres but there are many mapped features including detailed buildings, individual trees, play areas and plenty of other interesting challenges. Some areas are well lit and others are darkish. In some sections the navigation is straightforward and high speed but in others the features are complex and require a shift in pace to orienteer cleanly.

There are 6 loops of between 700 to 800 metres. Do all or just some. Check back soon for details of electronic timing and after event dining.

You may start anytime after 6:30 pm. Please be finished by 8:00 pm.

Registration deadline

Please sign up by 11:59pm (midnight) on Tuesday November 30th so we know how many maps to print.

Declaration of Health

ON The DAY OF THE EVENT, please do the Declaration of Health Click HERE to do the DECLARATION OF HEALTH


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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