Organizers: Chris Benn (Assistant), Frank Wimberley (Event Director)

This is NOT a GVOC event, but an event organized by Club Fat Ass. They are doing a scavenger hunt and thought there may be some orienteers' who would be interested in joining. Here are the details:

Its a bit of a run, a bit of orienteering and route choice, a whole lot of finding (rather cryptic) clues and a bit of drinking beer, all on the North Shore. What could be better!!. All in teams of two (or individually, if you want) so you can discuss, bicker, cajole, plead and agree on where to go.
There is no map posted on the Club Facebook site – it’s a little like orienteering, you will get a pre-marked map (or maps) at the start.
The map will show the points to get to – roughly in order. There will be question to answer at each point – some will be easy to answer (I hope) and some more cryptic involving lateral thinking and head-scratching.
There will be points for clues answered correctly. At the start, you will also predict your overall time and there will be points for how close to your predicted time you complete the course.
We will set you off in 2 to 5 minute gaps – depending how I feel , so that you are not tempted to follow the folks ahead of you
Then some beers.

You must be a member of the CFA to participate so you can contact Frank Wimberley for more information or click on the link above.


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