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Organizer: Lehel Fenyo (Event Director)


The next wet will take place at BCIT in Burnaby.SO ONCE AGAIN THE SFU LOCATION HAS BEEN CALLED OFF.

There will be 2 courses offered.


Just Sign up to the event by 3 pm Tuesday.

6:30 pm registration, map hand out.
6:45 pm mass start.

Early birds starters are welcome.

Finish and Start area:
Look for me or the others just east of the flag in the building from English str. Dont go in.There is an open corridor leading through the building, take this one we will gather right here. This is a protected place from the rain (google map).


There is a parking fee what you have to pay at the meter. If I remember clearly it could be $ 3.50 for 2 hours. So bring some change on you. Expect some line up time, because of the night time classes.

Parking 1. this is the closest parking lot to the event centre. West of the flag. Access from Wiillingdon Ave. through Goard way and then English street (google map.

Alternate parking lot:
Access from canada way. The same amount of parking fee is applicable here too (google map).

If you have a special request just e mail me at or just call me at 778-888-2764.


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