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Organizer: Ove Albinsson (Event Director)

Map: Byrne Creek

Check here for a map of the start/finish area for the WET this Wednesday, 15 October.The actual start will be on the abandoned railway track immediately west of Southpoint (in the tunnel entrance).

There will be 3 loops. Please judge accordingly so you can finish by 8:00 pm:

Distance Winning time
Loop 1 2.0km 11:00 mins Normal WET course
Loop 2 2.6km 14:30 mins Normal WET course but with dark and wet sections
Loop 3 2.9km 21:00 mins Dark and physical. Suitable only for hard-core WETTERS
Total 7.5km 46 minutes 30 seconds

There will be road crossings so be careful and wear car-repellant reflective gear.

Please sign up on the website by Tuesday evening.


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