Organizers: Joanne Woods (Event Director), Adam Woods (Course Planner), Stan Woods (Controller)

Map: Cates Park

NOTE - remember to print the map off in Landscape mode!!

MAPRUN6 - sorry about the issues with MapRun6 for this event. It turns out that the finish is on the path from control #20 to #21 and many of you passed the finish and ended your tracking. Also due to the size of the punching tolerance controls #25 and #26 went crazy as they were too close together. These are all issues with the course and not the competitor. My apologies - Robyn

If you have a GPS track to upload please do so here

For those of you who want to do some orienteering this weekend we are offering a 2.7 km point to point course at Cates Park. So for the more experienced runners - let's see who can get the fastest time on this course.

The forest feature of the week is" Knolls". Come and see the variety of knolls that can be found on a map. Here is a link to show you an example of hills and knolls as they would be shown on the map, in the terrain, and on the control description.

When I started orienteering I thought a knoll had to be a certain size in order to be mapped, (just like a rock has to be 1 meter in height). I couldn't understand why the knolls seemed to vary in size on the different maps. It finally made sense when someone said - if you stand on the knoll, and look around, it goes downhill in all directions or 360 degrees from where you are standing. You will see 4 different types of knolls on this course.

If you want a map for this event, email to request a map and remember to print the map off in Landscape mode!!.

If you want some basic orienteering instructions - ask for them when you ask for your map.

Remember you must be a current 2021 member of the club in order to participate in club events.

FYI This event is free.

We will be charging our usual "Why Just Run" fee for each forest training event (as we are hoping to arrange a map pickup location for each of the forest training series).



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