Organizers: Chris Benn (Event Director), Robyn Rennie (Assistant), Don Haliburton (Assistant), Brian Ellis (Controller)

Map: Cypress Falls

Note on Covid-19 & Variants of Concerns (VOCs): VOCs are now dominant in BC and are demonstrating increased transmissibility. As such, and during this training, we want to encourage participants to exercise enhanced caution and common-sense, especially if planning to gather outside in groups outside their bubble, if that is still permitted under Provincial Guidelines.

We can take advantage of being outside and enjoy forest-O safely if we stick to rigorous physical-distancing, and dial these interactions down even if outdoors.

If your name is in this list you are already registered for this event.

Forest Training #4 is the wrap up event of four sessions of forest training that we are offering. Each session has focused on one or more different skills which are required for orienteering in a forest environment. We also offered courses for attendees to use to practise the skills that they are learning.

This week we will be building on the skills learned over the previous sessions. Cypress Falls is an intricate small area with lots of great features and runnable forest. The map has been updated and redrawn to a 1:7500 scale by Brian Ellis using new LIDAR data so expect it to seem a bit different if you have orienteered at Cypress Falls before.

The event will have courses that offer the chance to route finding, using attack points, taking a bearing and estimating distance. See for the training resources.

Four courses have been planned:

  • Beginner course – 1.6 kms with all controls on trail or very close to trail (1-2/5 difficulty) - suitable for families with children and juniors who have participated in the OAK program.
  • Intermediate course – 2.6 kms – some off-trail navigation required (2-3/5 difficulty)
  • Advanced course -short – 4.0 kms mostly off – trail and should be challenging enough for those who prefer a slightly shorter distance (4.5/5 difficulty)
  • Advanced course – long – 5.1 kms – mostly off-trail – similar to the shorter variant with some butterfly loops to give a longer course for those who want it (4.5/5 difficulty).Expect fastest runners to still take over an hour.

Maps can be picked up at the start location at Cypress Falls Park from 10:00am - 2:00pm on Saturday and Sunday. After this they will be at a private home nearby. Final instructions will be emailed to all participants who have registered and paid by Thursday evening.

Cost for Participants:

Purchase a single event entry for $10 per adult, $5 per junior (8 - 20) + administrative costs

OAK participants can attend for free

Signup and pay through the Zone4 link on the right.

MapRun6 - see Virtual Orienteering

Courses will be available on MapRun6 to provide route tracking. Download the courses from Canada > British Columbia > Vancouver > 2021 > Forest Series > Cypress Falls

Upload GPS tracks from other GPS devices here



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