Organizers: Brian Ellis (Host), Daniel Widmann (Host)

GVOC has an impressive array of urban and forest O maps, thanks to the efforts of earlier club mappers, but these maps frequently need small revisions as the landscape changes. A new trail appears, a tree is removed, or a new building springs up, and the map gradually loses its value for training and/or competition. The club needs more mappers who are able and willing to help maintain our map inventory, and to expand the collection to include new areas. Learning to build and renovate O maps is also a great way to reinforce your map-reading and orienteering skills.

Introduction to Orienteering Mapping is a multi-week on-line clinic designed to equip novice mappers with the skills needed to be able to modify existing orienteering maps. It will introduce you to the most important CAD (computer-assisted drawing) tools and techniques for efficiently using Open Orienteering Mapper software on your computer.

Brian Ellis and Daniel Widmann will provide participants each week with goal-oriented drawing mini-projects to encourage focused skill development and practice. Regular group Zoom sessions with the clinic instructors will provide feedback on the project work, as well as an opportunity to share challenges, questions and solutions with the instructors and other participants.

This on-line mapping clinic is free of charge to GVOC members, but all participants must have access to a computer or laptop capable of running the newest version of Open Orienteering Mapper (OOM) software (version 0.9.4). Previous experience with OOM, or other CAD software is not required. A maximum of 10 participants can be accommodated. An initial Zoom session for all registrants will be held on April 07 (20:00h).

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