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Organizers: Chris Benn (Event Director), Robyn Rennie (Assistant), John Rance (Controller), Joanne Woods (Membership)


Sprint Event

BCIT is another urban campus map that provides some of the complexity that is found at UBC. Here is a chance to practice the skills that you learned on the Day of Sprint Training. Watch for the complex sprint symbols showing routes through buildings and plan your route carefully. Map scale is 1:5000 which is slightly different to the UBC map so everything will appear a little further apart.

Pin flags will be out from late afternoon on Fri March 26th.

The start is near the junction of Wayburne Dr and Carey Avenue and there os lots of pay parking nearby.

Please watch for people although it is likely the campus will be fairly quiet.

Scramble Event

As a bonus we are also offering a Scramble event around the Discovery Park area on the west side of Willingdon Ave. This will allow you to relax and enjoy a run without the stress of reading all the sprint map features. A chance to compare the different styles of orienteering.

Start for this event is at the corner of Halley Ave and Moscrop St. There is lots of parking along Halley Ave. Moscrop School is on the map and they are on Sprint Break until March 29th. After that avoid the school during school hours. Please be respectful of all areas and watch when crossing roads especially Gilmore Road.

No pin flags for this event.


Because our insurance policy requires that everyone who participates in a GVOC event be a member of the club, please email for a pdf copy of the event maps.

Remember that these events are to be run/walked individually, obeying all the social distancing recommendations currently in place. However, for your personal safety please let somebody know where you are, and what you are doing. These are not sanctioned events; we don't retain any liability for participants. This is a do-at-your-own-risk, training suggestion.

MapRun6 (upgraded MapRunF)

The two BCIT courses can be accessed in the MapRun6 app under "Select an Event > Canada > British Columbia > Vancouver > 2021 > BCIT". For instructions on Virtual Orienteering see here



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