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Organizers: Daniel Widmann (Course Planner), Joanne Woods (Membership), Trevor Siemens (Assistant), Sergio Fernández (Assistant), Bruce Rennie (Coach), Paula Keohan (Assistant), Della Keohan (Assistant), Adam Woods (Assistant), Stan Woods (Event Director)

Feel free to upload results here - and compare routes here by selecting your course and examinining the tracks.

Come out an explore our latest forest map. This is a simplified Why Just Run event with a new map that Daniel Widmann has autogenerated from publicly available LIDAR data. Daniel has done some/limited ground checking along the course legs and in the area of the controls. There are a number of areas with reasonable running and visibility through the forest. This is a regular point-to-point course and most of the course legs have been designed to encourage/reward running through the forest rather than on trails. This is a great opportunity to work on forest orienteering and running through the forest on a compass bearing!

Participant starts will be spaced out and we ask that everyone treat this like a training run, respect a 2m buffer, and not touch the control flags.


This map offers the opportunity to practice orienteering and running through the forest. People may want to deliberately take the shorter mostly forest routes between controls versus the longer mostly-trail routes to practice their forest orienteering. Visibility is good in the areas mapped as 'white' on the map but some of these 'white' areas may have some windfall and low ferns that reduce runnability. There are a number of creeks (mapped and un-mapped) so expect to get wet feet. Expect the bush to be wet if it has rained recently and expect lots of climbing on the longer courses. Given the height of the tree canopy and the poor light this time of year the map will be printed at 1:7,500 scale or 1:10,000 (upon request) for those with good eyes. Include a request (note) when registering if you want a 1:10,000 scale map (map default is 1:7,500 scale). The map has 5m contours.

The Long course map shows a dotted line joining controls 8 and 17 which can be used as an "Optional" cut-off to create a 4 K course as shown in the course summary below. Sign up for the 'Long' course if you expect to do the 4K cut-off. For safety, it is recommended that anyone taking more than an hour to reach control 8 take the cut-off to control 17.

There is a 3 hour course maximum time.

The Short course (2.1km) includes technical forest orienteering and the map only shows the course and controls on the Short course.

The "Mostly Trail" course has 6 controls near trails and is suitable for families or those newer to orienteering. The straight lines between controls measures 1.4 km but the expected route along-trails is about 2 km.

Course Summary for Burke




Map Printing Scale

Number of Controls

Long - The long map includes the Optional 4K cut-off described below.

5.6 km

245 m

1:7500 or 1:10,000 if requested


Long Cut-off - 4K Take cut-off from control 8 to control 17 on Long course.

Sign up for the 'Long' course if you expect to do the 4K cut-off.

4.0 km

205 m

1:7500 or 1:10,000 if requested


Short - Technical Forest Orienteering

2.1 km

90 m



Mostly Trail – Controls are near trails. Suitable for Families or those newer to orienteering.

1.4 km straight line, about 2 km by trail

80 m



Registration Location and Parking

The registration and start/finish will be in a clear area adjacent to a trail and just north of an intersection with a "Stop" sign near the top end of Harper Road (the pin on google maps is the registration area, see pin in the map below). The Registration area will be visible from the "Stop" sign on Harper Road. Street parking is available along both sides of the road west and east of the pin. There are sidewalks on both sides of the road to access the trail leading to the registration are.

Schedule (Remember the time change at 2 am on Sunday morning with clocks falling back one hour)

  • 10:00am - 11:30am - 3 half-hour start windows to have people spread out.
  • Maximum Time on Course is 3 hours
  • Course closure is 2:30pm.

Registration and Start Times

All runners must pre-register on the website by FRIDAY Oct 30 at 11:59 pm at the latest to facilitate map printing. If you are running with others please note this when registering. Include a request (note) when registering if you want a 1:10,000 scale map (map default is 1:7,500 scale).

Please arrive just before or within your registration start window. When you arrive you will line up (socially distanced) to confirm your etransfer (or pay by credit card) your entry fee, drop off your declaration of health, and then line up (socially distanced) to receive your map. When you receive your map your clock starts. Self timing is encouraged.


$10 per entry. Please pre-pay via etransfer by Oct 31 by 5:00 pm (as per the email informing you of the event) or email for e-transfer details. Payment may also be made via credit card at the registration area on Nov 1.

Declaration of Health

On the morning of the event you must fill out the "Declaration of Health form" and bring a printed copy of it with you to the event. If you are sick, do not come to the event.

Declaration of health

Physical Distancing:

As we are still in the midst of a pandemic we remind participants that we must all maintain social distancing, hand washing/sanitizing and wearing masks where required. Participants must stay minimum 2m from anyone not in their household bubble and maintain adequate social distance at all time before, during and after running the training course. Participants must follow the directions of event volunteers and maintain 2m spacing during registration and starts.

Do not touch any of the controls out on course in order to minimize contact points at the event. This event is to be run/walked individually (or within your household bubble), obeying all the social distancing recommendations currently in place.

To help with social distancing and minimize group size, Orienteering Canada guidelines also recommend not socializing at the event site before or after you have done your course.

Guidelines from Orienteering Canada:

Safety Precautions

Prepare to be self-sufficient for the duration of your run!

  • All competitors must report to the finish, so we know you're safe.
  • Whistles must be carried. If you don't have a whistle, you may purchase one at registration.
  • You may carry a cellphone for emergency usage and for using MapRunF (optional) . The event director's number will be printed on the map. Note that some areas of the map may not have cell signal.
  • Beware of mountain bikers.

MapRunF (Optional)

The courses can be accessed in the MapRunF app under "Select an Event > Canada > British Columbia > Vancouver > ". For instructions on setting up the phone app, see the pdf document "How to setup and run MapRunF". Note that if you have an android phone that puts the GPS into sleep mode, that causes issues when attempting to use it for this activity. There is another app called GPS Connected which can also be downloaded and used to lock the GPS to the satellites. Remember to unlock it when you have finished the course.

If you are a beginner and think you might need to know where you are at some point in the event then you have the option to turn on "Display Present Position" and "Display Track" under Options and Settings. This needs to be done before passing through the Start.

GPS watch tracks or other device gps tracks can also be uploaded to the RouteGadget map here



Photos are from Flickr. To add your photos to this section, tag your Flickr photos with: whyjustrun4284 (all one word)