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Organizers: Joanne Woods (Event Director), Joanne Woods (Course Planner), Robyn Rennie (Controller), Adam Woods (Controller)

Map: Simon Fraser University

To celebrate BC's start of Phase 2 of the government’s COVID-19 response on May 19th, we have the Simon Fraser University (SFU) Score "O". This is a modified Score O, without a time limit but you have to find all the controls. There is a short course with 19 controls and a long course with 19 controls. So I'll call it a Score O-19. Record your time to find all 19 controls. Then submit your score sheet to to verify you found all the controls and your time will be posted on the website.

The 2 courses have different controls, so if the long course isn't long enough for you - do both courses. There will be a question or a score sheet for each course, and you need to be at the correct control location to find the answer to each question. If you decide to do both courses, go back to the start/finish and do a map exchange.

This will NOT be on MapRunF this week, to give our MapRunF co-ordinator a bit of a break :) and because I really liked the Score O that Alistair did at Pacific Spirit Park.

Email and let me know if you want the long or the short maps or both versions. Remember you must have done your 2020 membership and waiver to get a map, so please do it before requesting your maps.

Start/Finish location is at the flag pole marked in the center of the round about. The public wash rooms on the west end of the nearby building have been open. The free parking lot beside Horizons restaurant does get busy on sunny days & evenings, but that location was chosen, so you don't have to pay for parking.

Course planners notes: There is a LOT of construction occurring at SFU and it varies from day to day - so I am warning you in advance - some routes you are used to running may not be available. Also things may have changed since I marked the out of bound areas - (or I just wasn't sure how to mark an out of bound area on that layer/level of the map), so if it is marked as "out of bounds" by the construction workers - please obey. If a route that I marked as out of bounds is no longer there, lucky for you, go for it. I have noticed that some roads are open at night and closed during the day when construction workers are there, but a pedestrian access route is accessible beside the closed road. The construction just adds another level of "route choice" to your planning. It's like the Corona Virus - it keeps changing.

When printing the maps - the long course has 2 pages (both letter sized), so be sure to print both pages.

Based on test runs, the Short course is just under 4 km and the long course is just under 8 km in length. Those are approximate distances because it all depends on which route(s) you choose - it could be longer. The control descriptions on the short course - describe the object you are looking for and what side of the object to look at to find the answer to the question. However, for the long course, many of the control descriptions are "X" man made objects and you will not see the man made object on the map, but the question on the score sheet will give you an idea of what to look for. The long control description indicates what side of the object to look at, in order to find the answer to each question.

Run with a small pencil so you can fill out your score sheet - OR use it as a memory exercise (not recommended). Most of all have FUN!

Did I mention - May 19th is also Queen Victoria's birthday - just another reason to do a Score O-19!



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