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Organizers: Lehel Fenyo (Event Director), John Rance (Event Director)

Map: Green Timbers

Hallo There,

This sunday there will be an orienteering event in Surrey on the newest Gvoc map, Greentimber.

Registration starts at 9.15. am.

First start at 10.00. am

There will be 3 courses offered for the public.

Course 1. begginer roughly 3.5 km. mostly trails. simple orienteering
Course 2. Intermediate 3.5 km mostly on trails and some forest running. expect some technically challenging situations.
Course 3. Super elite. 3.5- 4.5 km. Expect some bush-wacking and very very demanding technical solutions.

The Greentimber map was produced in 2008. It consist a large open field flanked with a very challenging open field with scattered fir, pine and decidious trees.Further from this area the forest gets thicker and thicker and becomes less interesting.The map has very distinct border lines, east 148 street, North 100 ave, south 96 ave. The western side of the mapped area is fenced off between 100 and 96 ave.There will be two large "forbidden" areas marked on the map. These areas are consisting some very sensitive ecosystems. These areas are "out of bound" places. Pls. stay out of these areas. If you are lucky enough you can even spot a bald eagle which is nesting right here in the park.
The greentimber park consists a lake too. Some controls will be hang on the shoreline. Pls pay attention to the fishermen. Try not to bother them.

Both of the registration and finish areas are walking distance from your parking area.Follow the link to park your car.

Parking is on 144 street. Park your car on the forested side of 144 street. Park as close as you can to 100 ave.Then walk to the registration - finish- area. East on 100 ave from your parking place. /Toward 148 street./The "registration desk" will be set up at the southern end of the main parking lot of Greentimber park, which has an access point on 100 ave. /east of 144 street, your designated parkingplace/The distance between 144 street and greentimber main parking lot is roughly 300 m.

There is a public washroom just beside the Greentimber main parking lot.

Pls sign yourself up online on the GVOC Website. The number of the printed maps will be limited.Dont forget to sign up for the right course.

If you have any question pls. e- mail me or call me at 604-585-3131.

See you on sunday.

Cheers, lehel

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